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With a world-renowned education system and top-class universities, Scotland is renowned for making creative thinkers out of students the world over. Every year, thousands of international students choose Scotland to pursue their higher education. The fact that Scotland is considered to be a good place to be at by several international students is something which further burgeons its reputation as a highly preferred education destination.

Studying In Scotland

Scottish universities follow a four year undergraduate degree with honours structure, a standard higher education structure prevalent in many countries across the globe.

The education system of Scotland offers flourishing employment prospects, and that is augmented by the recruiting employers who value degrees obtained from Scottish universities. Moreover, several universities in Scotland have partnerships with employers in order to prepare students for the transition from studying life to working life.

Life In Scotland

A land with moderate climate, Scotland has a diverse multicultural society. Pursuing higher education here brings plenty of opportunities to socialize, enjoy shopping, have fun, and explore the country. Scottish universities have different clubs and societies where students get to meet like-minded people, an exercise that helps them get familiar and comfortable within the country. To explore the country or to make travelling a smoother experience, international students in Scotland can make the best use of hi-tech transportation system which makes getting to London or Europe seem like a breeze. The vibrant culture of Scotland makes it a haven for the gastronomes; it offers multiple cuisine options like Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

Scotland Universities

Scottish Universities have been offering higher education and a world class education experience to international students since the 15th century. The most prominent of Scottish universities include those of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen. Moreover, as per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013-14, five of Scotland’s universities are present on the list of the world’s top 200 universities, a feat that is not without substance. One of the principal reasons why students prefer Scottish Universities is their education system which focuses on three key aspects: world-class research, the incredible breadth of learning on offer, and an emphasis on employability.

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