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Are you searching for SAT training in Coimbatore? You are at the right place! Vibedu SAT courses provide you with a personalized curriculum that focuses on individual weaknesses and strengths. Our SAT programs are adapted for all types of learners and, more importantly, to fulfill students ‘ aspirations.

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sat coaching in coimbatore

Overview of SAT

The Scholastic Aptitude Test is a standardized test with a predefined syllabus designed to test critical thinking and the ability in mathematics, critical readings and writing to analyze and solve problems. In many colleges in the United States, the SAT has to be certified in college programs. SAT is one of the many factors that many universities consider when deciding their admission alongside high school graduation when they demonstrate their competitiveness and their chances of success in a course.

How important is the SAT in college admission?

Among many universities, the SAT is just one factor in getting to know you better. It forms part of an extensive admission process which also includes your high-school graduates, non-curricular activities, advice, personal essays, and other factors.

SAT Exam Pattern

SAT divided into two categorize; they are SAT General Test, SAT Subject test.

SAT General Test

This general test analyzes knowledge in high-school lessons, reading, writing and mathematical studies of the themes taught every day. These tests consist of three sections, and they are

  • Reading Section
  • Writing And Language Test
  • Mathematics

Reading Test

Reading test consist of 52 multiple choice question that includes Complex structure Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Multiple Meaning Words. The time for this section is 65 minutes.


Writing and Language Test

Writing Test embraced with 44 multiple choice questions and the time duration for this question is 35 minutes. This section focuses on testing the abilities to punctuate and understand understudies using words.



This section includes 58 mathematical questions from applied based trigonometry and linear equation. The total time duration for this section is 80 minutes (25 minutes no calculator) and (55 minutes calculator is allowed).


Essay Section is optional. Students should write a 1 evidence-based essay time span of 50 minutes.


Duration of Test:  3 hours 45 minutes

Score scale

For Mathematics section is score range should be 200-800

For Reading and writing section score range should be 200-800

Whole SAT score should be 400 – 1600

SAT Subject Test

SAT-II, also known as SAT Subject Test that examines student skills on a specific topic. The students who apply for a department of specialty studies such as English Literature, World history, mathematics, biotech, and chemistry usually undergo this test. In addition to SAT general scores, a few colleges and universities ask for scores for SAT subject testing. SAT Subject Test is particularly critical if majors in a specific field are subjected to an investigation.

In SAT II, students have to choose three topics from 20 subjects, such as chemistry, world history, physics, social science, mathematics, etc. SAT II is hour-long and also a different examination of decision.Vibedu provide Best Sat Coaching in Coimbatore.

Why choose us

We are the best SAT Preparation Institute in Coimbatore. Our US certified trainers in test preparation have designed the New SAT courses to give you the highest degree of experience in the ideas that emerge from the New SAT, access to state-of-the-art educational techniques and instructors.

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    Our teachers are certified through a comprehensive certification process, followed by multi-stage academic enhancement programs, which establishes the Princeton Review trainers of the world class.

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    Our SAT Preparation institute uses unique time-tested methods to enhance your SAT test speed and accuracy

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    Individualized in-depth score reports with answers to each question to ensure continuous improvement of your SAT score.

  • Easy to Access

    From the start to the actual testing, and after your completion, our trainers will guide you.

  • Latest Syllabus

    Our curriculum is efficiently researched material based on the latest trends in SAT taught by professors

  • Latest Syllabus

    Our curriculum is efficiently researched material based on the latest trends in SAT taught by professors

  • Support

    Unlimited additional assistance, including performance test results throughout the duration of the course.