PTE Coaching in Coimbatore

PTE Academic is a computer-based examination which evaluates the ability of non-native speaking English speakers, to listen to, read, write and speak English, to demonstrate their language ability and ability to learn English – often as a proof of their language ability to apply for a visa. To establish their proficiency in English just as in IELTS and TOEFL, the candidates should perform this test. The test is supported by the admission council of graduate management that supports GMAT. In 3 000 courses worldwide, the test is accepted.

Types of PTE

  • PTE Academic is an English computer test for non-native speakers who wish to study outside the country.
  • The PTE General is a written paper and an interview used in order to evaluate English.

Students can appear any number of times for the PTE Academic. However, before applying for the following test, they must receive the score of their previous test. We provide Best PTE Coaching in Coimbatore.

Test Pattern

Speaking & Writing

This section time duration is 77-93 minutes that includes Personal Introduction, Read aloud, Describe image, Repeat sentence, Answer the short question, Summarize written text, Essay and Re-tell lecture.



This section composed with Fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions, Re-order paragraphs the time scale for this section is 32 – 41 minutes.



The time duration for the listening section is 45-57 minutes that includes Summarize spoken text, Fill the blanks, multiple choice questions, Select a missing word, Highlight incorrect words, and Write from dictation


Total Test duration: 3 hours

Why consider Vibedu for PTE Preparation

At Vibedu, we strive to prepare all students for PT E Academic. We are one of the best PTE preparation & coaching institutions in Coimbatore with a state-of-the-art facility. Due to the availability of dates and fast results, PTE is becoming a student’s ‘ favorite English test. Our certified trainers help you at all stages and use modern training techniques to improve your skills comprehensively.

Our goal of The Vibedu is to help our students succeed in the English or PTE Pearson test. Accordingly, the PTE coaching of our trainers satisfies students ‘ needs. We plan and design the curriculum in the best way for the students. As a top PTE coaching center, we have staffs who evaluate students ‘ strengths and weaknesses, then draw up a customized study plan. We provide our students with the best training possible through various PTE coaching strategies such as efficient time management, mock testing, problem solving and strategic sessions.

Our Test Preparation Highlights

Flexible Course Choices: At Vibedu Coimbatore, We offer highly adaptable training courses with options for early morning, midday, and evening and weekend programs to suit your job and research requirements in the best way.


Certified Skilled Trainers:  Our teachers speak English as their mother tongue and hold a degree in Language with one decade of experience in teaching English to Non-native English speakers. Our trainers are enthusiastic about mentoring and really enjoy teaching; our teachers can describe the concepts in our course in a fun and exciting way with patience.


FREE Trial Class: We are sure that you would like both our training instructors, and before you decide to join Vibedu in for your PTE training, we offer you a totally free trial class.


Study Materials: PTE examination publications, CDs and software are also available in Vibedu. Our in-house product has also been developed to give you the best result in the exercise.


PTE Mock Test: Our PTE design tests allow you to remain focused and examined in line with the latest test trends and methods. Every week, you will take the test to improve your speed and also your ability to understand. Weeks after week, you recognize your progress and weak areas with your instructor.