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GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Overview

GMAT is a computer adaptive test that evaluates certain analytical, written and quantitative GRE is a standard test for getting into graduate school in the United States. Most students who seek a Masters or Ph.D. (not law or medicine) GRE is compulsory at several universities in the USA. The revised GRE general test is accepted by thousands of graduate schools and business schools, departments and divisions in schools. In approximately 700 test centers, the GRE revised general test is available. The computer-based test is continually available throughout the year in most regions of the world.

gre coaching in coimbatore

More and more business schools today are accepting GRE. For candidates wishing to study in internationally recognized schools in foreign countries, thorough preparation for the GRE is essential. ETS administers the GRE General Test. ETS offers GRE Subject Tests in addition to GRE General Testing. These test analyses verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and skills in critical thinking and analytical writing that do not relate to any particular field of research.skills for students who apply for advanced studies at a graduate school of business, and is accepted with over 6,000 corporate and management programs worldwide. The GMAT Exam was the world’s top business schools ‘ choice test for one reason: it works. Simply put, no other examination can show you the skills which matter most throughout your business and business school lessons.

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GRE Question Pattern

The test consists of independent segments: analytical, verbal, quantitative and explanatory work segments.

Analytical Writing

Analytical writing Section comprised with “Analyze an issue section” and “Analyze an Argument Section.”   Timing of this section is each 30 minutes.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning is composed of two sections each section has 20 questions, and the timing for each section is 30 minutes. The verbal section includes text completion, reading comprehension, and sentence equivalence questions.

Quantitative Reasoning

This part consists of two sections, and each section carries out 35 minutes to complete it. This section includes comparisons of numbers, several questions for choices with one answer, several questions for choice with one or more answers and numerical questions for entries.

Score Range

Quantitative and verbal reasoning: 130 – 170

Analytical Writing: 1 – 6

Test duration: 3 hours 45 minutes

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