About GMAT

GMAT is a computer adaptive test that evaluates certain analytical, written and quantitative skills for students who apply for advanced studies at a graduate school of business, and is accepted with over 6,000 corporate and management programs worldwide. The GMAT Exam was the world’s top business schools ‘ choice test for one reason: it works. Simply put, no other examination can show you the skills which matter most throughout your business and business school lessons.

GMAT Test Structure

The GMAT comprises four main sections: analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative, and verbal. You have three and a half hours to take the test, but have about four hours in total.The GMAT adapts to your individual skill levels, reducing the time needed to complete the assessment and achieving a greater degree of exactness than a permanent test. At the beginning of every section of the test, a medium difficulty is presented to you. The computer scores your answer when answering every question and uses it, together with your answers to previous questions, to determine which question to present next. Correct answers to questions of increased difficulty usually promptly. Faulty answers usually lead to less difficult questions.

  • Analytical Writing Assessment

    This section is consisting of 1 topic of Analysis of Argument the duration of this section is 30 minutes.

  • Integrated Reasoning Section

    This section is composed 12 questions of Multi source reasoning, Graphic interpretation, two- part analysis and table analysis and 12 questions should be completed within 30 minuites

  • Quantitative

    This section includes 31 questions from data sufficiency, problem solving time duration of 62 minutes.

  • Verbal

    Verbal section is composed with 36 questions they are reading comprehension, critical reasoning, sentence correction and it should be completed in 65 minutes.

GMAT Scoring Scale

Your GMAT score is calculated based on the correct number of questions, the number of difficult questions and the number of questions that you have answered.

Commercial schools tend to concentrate on the overall (or composite) score. The composite scoring covers both the test mathematics and verbal sections and in 10 point increments varies from 200 to 800. The GMAT analytical writing assessment evaluation is scaled from 0 to 6 and is not listed in your composite score. The IR section is marked at 1 to 8 and is not in your composite score.

Taking the GMAT

The GMAT will be available most weekdays and a few Saturdays throughout the year. If you want to take a test on a Saturday, register early. You can repeat the test five times within 12 months, but between test dates you must wait 16 days.

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