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Housing 8 of the top 100 universities in the world, Australia is not just about the kangaroos and platypuses and the opera house. Closely following the US and the UK, Australia actually has the highest number of foreign students. There are many reasons to choose Australia as your education destination. The friendly laid-back nature, high living-standards and the excellent education in Australia have made it a hot-spot for international students. Australia can help you grow, and not just academically, but culturally as well.

  • Studying in Australia

    Australia offers a diverse range of courses for students studying in Australia. The qualification framework is a quality assured national system of educational recognition. International students can find the right school and field for them with ease, fields that offer globally recognized programs through which graduates from the Australian education can easily find and hold prominent positions all over the world. Regardless of what course you study or the time period of your studies, Australian law promotes quality education and protection for international students.

  • Australian life

    Career, new cultures and adventure, Australia presents a plethora of opportunities for an incomparable educational experience. Compared to living costs in the US and the UK, Australia offers the highest living standards in the world at a much lower cost. It offers a safe, friendly, sophisticated and harmonious society with a multicultural environment which offers every student an unmatched opportunity to travel, learn and earn through both part time and post study work opportunities. With a number of scholarship and part-time job options available for international students, Australia offers the best living experience.

  • Australian institutions

    Institutes in Australia offer a diverse range of study options with around 39 universities, 8 of which feature in the world’s top 100 universities. With over 1,100 institutes and over 22,000 courses, be it graduation or post graduation, MBA or master’s, engineering or a PhD, in Australia students can choose between universities, colleges, premier institutes, vocational education, and English language training, for any of the wide range of courses, depending on what is the right fit for them.

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