Online Courses

The Vibedu International Education Pvt Ltd is the leading provider of online courses. These courses are designed to study with the best trainers interactively, taking into account your study styles and time constraints. We have the correct method of learning for you whatever you want to study to achieve your study abroad.

Over 17+ years of Vibedu teaching expertise are brought to you by our online training course at mouse-clicking. Our online classes are offered via live webcasts taught by some of our finest faculty. The course guarantees a good score so you can get it into your dream university outside the country with a personalized study plan.

This Online preparation solution is designed for you if you are a full-time student or working professional! You get the benefit of a cool learning environment which leads to greater learning outcomes in addition to zero transport costs and saving time.

Our Online course

Masters Abroad Online Test Preparation

GMAT Online

  • GMAT Self Paced
  • GMAT Blend
  • GMAT Live Online
  • GMAT 1 on 1 Tutoring

GRE Online

  • GRE Self Paced
  • GRE Blend
  • GRE Live Online
  • GRE 1 on 1 Tutoring
  • Undergrad Abroad Online Test Preparation

SAT Online

  • SAT Self Paced
  • SAT Blend
  • SAT Live Online
  • SAT 1 on 1 Tutoring

ACT Online

  • ACT Self Paced
  • ACT Blend
  • ACT Live Online
  • ACT 1 on 1 Tutoring

Course Features

Diagnostic Test

The diagnostic test is a powerful adaptive computer test designed to measure your complete profile with precision. It allows Vibedu to make detailed lesson guidelines to maximize efficiency in your results.

1 to 1 Lesson

We also offer online 1 to 1 lesson so that it makes easy to clear your doubts and also make understand concept effectively.

Course Summary

Vibedu offers a customized dashboard to display your current activity. We make your progress easy to monitor and take the next step to improve your score.

Video Lessons

For each concept included in the test, video and text-based lessons are available. For all homework and testing questions, comprehensive video solutions are available

Step by Step Solution

Our online training provides 1000s of detailed, step-by-step video solutions to real test problems. No stone is left untouched by your test prep program, combining comprehensive content and top-class instructor.

Personalized Reporting

In order to give you the most precise recommendations possible, we continuously monitor your progress and the current profile.

Why the Vibedu International Education Pvt Ltd

  • 17+ years of experiences in test prep
  • Teachers certified via a rigorous process, followed by a multi-tiered academic enrichment program
  • We offer advanced and comprehensive training material based on the latest testing trends
  • We provide the full-length adaptive practical test.
  • Exclusive tested techniques for speed and precision improvement of the test
  • Customized in-depth score reports with answering questions to ensure continuous improvement in score
  • We also provide customized exam guidance to the students
  • Vibedu offers students with unlimited doubt-clearing sessions so that you can clear your doubts anywhere anytime
  • Unlimited Computer Laboratory and Library Access